Full name

Aaron Landman




The expression of creativity has singlehandedly been the most important part of my life. It’s the expression of the soul. Without it there’s stagnation, boredom, helplessness. Expression allows us to put a vision that is personal to us, and put it out into the world to be seen or heard. I have always gravitated towards work that invites people to dream and to reflect. Personally, art has been a way for me to archive and remember transforming moments in my life. To view a piece is to be transported to a feeling - or a connection to something larger than myself. The more I take myself there, the happier I am.

"I've never responded to anything I've seen with such wonder and intensity. My reaction was altogether immediate, genuine, and unexpected! I've been trying to figure out how and why I am so extraordinarily entranced by Aaron's work. They have a mesmerizing sort of tonal, graphic, textural rhythm that resonates vitality, and they really vibrate with life. I am unable to translate my experience of that amazing energy into anything more than my own dumbfounded exclamation of resounding wows!"